Setup for Xsens

Video version

1. Settings

VRee SDK Settings

  1. Open a Unity project with the VRee SDK installed
  2. Open the VReeSDK scene from Assets > Scenes > VReeSDK
  3. Go to VReeSDK > Settings to open the VRee SDK settings in the inspector
  4. In the Settings field, select the preset matching your VR headset
  5. Set Player Configuration to Full Body
  6. Change the First Person Player Model to the FirstPersonPlayer model
  7. Change the Third Person Player Model to the ThirdPersonPlayer model
  8. Remove the Controller Adapter from the Adapter Priority list by selecting the adapter and clicking the minus button
  9. Add the Xsens Adapter to the Adapter Priority list by clicking the plus button
  10. Move the Xsens Adapter up in priority by drag and dropping it above the HMD Adapter

2. Full Body VR Avatar

  1. Enter play mode with the Xsens motion capture suit connected to the same network as the server
  2. Switch to the Game View
  3. Select the player from the Connected Players list by clicking on the player name.
  4. Click the Calibrate button to calibrate the suit and VR headset