Frequently asked questions

Unity SDK

Where do I download the VRee SDK?
The SDK can be downloaded via the Unity Asset store or via

The VRee settings window is blank
The VRee settings window only works when the [VReePlatfom] prefab is placed in your scene.

Client does not connect to the Server
The client cannot connect to the server. Confirm that the server id and network match.

Client stays in load screen but a player appears on server
Verify that a firewall exception has been made for Unity. View firewall exceptions for more information.

Server ceases to respond when started
Run the software activation as explained here in the getting started guide

My headsets position tracking does not work
Confirm that the VRee settings match your headset. View our setup videos for more information.

Licensing & Accounts

When running I receive an invalid license error
Activate your license using the VReeSDK > Register License window or download your license from the Developer Dashboard

When I request a license it responds invalid
Check your credentials or contact

How do I find my VRee license?
A VRee license can be Activated in Unity or using the standalone license tool that can be found in the developer dashboard

How do I create a VRee account?
For now please contact for your request.


What is the VRee SDK?
The VRee SDK is a multiplayer plug-in made for VR developers. It supports a growing number of VR devices and features premade multiplayer scripts and an automated avatar system. At the moment the VRee SDK only works with Unity3D.

What does the VRee SDK do?
The VRee SDK manages server-client connections, object management, data synchronization, hardware integration and VR avatar setup with custom models.

What doesn't the VRee SDK do?
It does not provide object interaction, interactivity or user input.

What hardware is supported?
Currently supported: Oculus Rift(S), Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Focus, Pico neo, Pico, Varyo-VR1, Manus VR gloves, Xsens Motion capture, Teslasuit

How can I get support?
Email: or join our Discord